Superlative Shop: Le Fix – Copenhagen

Le Fix is one of the most reknown Street Stores in Copenhagen. Met the guys at their store at Kronprinsensgade for a talk…

Photos: Jasper Carlberg 2012

Le Fix Team

Le Fix Team

Hey Guys, can you introduce yourself, what is it all about?

Le Fix first started out as an art collective that eventually started making clothes. When we opened the store in Guldbergsgade, Nørrebro we did custom paintings on various clothing items. Things took a turn and very quick we had a great demand on the clothing. Le Fix became a more professional label and since 1999 we have just gotten bigger and bigger. We decided to open a shop more a few years ago in the city centre (which is a big shopping area) because the Nørrebro shop was so visited.

How would you describe your store concept?

Comfortable – we have so many loyal costumers hanging around both shops everyday so we always have a cozy and friendly environment. We also have many wonderful tourists by the shop in the city centre – we try our best to give them guidance to the Copenhagen day- and nightscene. We consider costumers as friends of the house.

Valdemar Kludt owner of Le Fix

Valdemar Kludt owner of Le Fix

Was the store at
Kronprinsensgade the first store you’ve opened? How many Le Fix stores are there altogether?

The first store we opened is located in an area in Copenhagen called Nørrebro – the shop has the same feel to it as the one you visited in the city centre. Maybe a bit more underground since Nørrebro is a bit more lowkey than the city centre. So altogether we have two shops.

Aerosols  next to Stone Island Shadow Jackets. What is important for you in case of brand selection?

Our main priority is great quality. We want our customers to be able to do everything in the selection of goods we carry – outdoors and indoors. We of course also want the brands to match the Le Fix spirit so they are all handpicked brands we like. And we really like functional and easy wearable clothes.
We don’t like to favour any of our carried brands – all of them, each and individually means something to us.

Benny, Designer for the Le Fix Brand

Benny Bee, Designer & Partner for the Le Fix Brand

The store is almost next to Street Machine, what is it for an area in Copenhagen?

The city centre store is located on a street called Kronprinsensgade and as you mention, it is located near to Streetmachine. The street isn’t that “street” but we and Streetmachine like to think, we give the neighborhood a more underground feel to it. Come by and see for yourself.

What about the Scandinavian streetwear scene?

Streetwear in our sense is clothes you can wear in the streets, that is comfortable, functional and classic.

Which brands are actually important in Copenhagen?

Le Fix of course. Brands that carry a great history and legacy.

Thomas Urth, Shopmanager & Partner at Le Fix City Center

Thomas Urth, Shopmanager & Partner at Le Fix City Center

How would you describe the current style of the streets?

A mix of the classic labels such as Filson, Henry Lloyd and Barbour with more sporty labels such as Stone Island and Patagonia. But all in all Copenhagen men want to wear labels with legacy.

In which direction will it go with streetwear? Where do you see the strenghs and weaknesses?

Functional clothes, as the brands that we carry make, are here to stay, no weaknesses. Many of the brands has excisted for more than 100 years (Barbour for example) – and that for a reason. Men will always wear clothes they can move and feel comfortable in. And clothes they can keep forever.

Michael Andersen, Assistant Designer & Partner at Le Fix

Michael Andersen, Assistant Designer & Partner at Le Fix

What are your plans for the future?

We have just opened a second floor to the city centre shop – and we will keep on having our (in)famous yardparties every month. Stay updated on other plans for the future and events on our facebook fanpage

Thank you guys!

Le Fix Crew in front of the store at Kronprinsengaarde

Le Fix Crew in front of the store at Kronprinsensgade

Le Fix
Kronprinsensgade 9B
1114 Kbh. K
Phone: 0045 88614101

Le Fix
Guldbergsgade 16
2200 Kbh. N
Phone: 0045 28268201